Expats in Cluj with Ingo Tegge

About the program

Cluj-Napoca is home to a large expatriate community: many international guests are drawn to the city to study, work, and live here. Known as “the most welcoming city of Europe”, Cluj has a lot to offer – but like every place, foreigners can also experience a variety of challenges here.

At Expats in Cluj, we will discuss both, the good and the bad, with guests from the business, educational, and cultural sectors, as well as official representatives of foreign nations.

We look for the personal stories expatriates experience here and ask our guests for recommendations, anecdotes, and insights.

Ingo Tegge

Ingo Tegge

Moderator Expat in Cluj

Ingo Tegge is currently serving as the director of the German Cultural Center in Cluj-Napoca and has been living in Romania since 2016. His professional profile combines experience from both cultural and economic sector.

Born in Northern Germany, he graduated from Free University of Berlin, in 2007 before working for Goethe-Institut, Germany’s largest foreign cultural organization, in Nigeria. After two years in Africa, he changed to a consultancy specializing in new work and innovation management, close to Stuttgart, before returning to the cultural scene in early 2016, when he came to Romania.

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